Forklift Companies in Cerritos CA

* Forklift Buyer’s service and repair Pacific equipment, 828 E Walnut Ave unit d, Fullerton, CA 92831
* Sacramento Forklift, 90 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815
* Becker’s Forklift & Forklift Operator Training, 2339 Wyndham Ln, Redding, CA 96001
* Holt of California Lift Trucks – Redding, CA, 4855 Caterpillar Rd, Redding, CA 96003
* G & J Forklift Sales, Parts, Rentals & Repairs, 899 W Cowles St unit c, Long Beach, CA 90813

2020 Forklift Reviews

Making an informed decision when investing in a forklift tends to focus on price, but there are other factors that should be considered. At, we are not only proud to offer 40% discounts on new and used forklifts from forklift dealers in Cerritos CA, but we focus on those other factors as well to make sure you get the right forklift for the job. We encourage forklift buyers like yourself to consider a broad view when it comes to the cost of forklift ownership. An investment in a forklift is a critical factor to your business and you may hav questions. Perhaps you are wondering how much a forklift costs and are there any forklift companies near me in Cerritos CA? We can answer these questions for you when you submit a quick request on our quote form.

Forklift Prices

Are you wondering how much a forklift costs? Forklift price ranges can vary depending on forklift specifications and the specific needs required by the user. There are some basic forklift price ranges to consider. A new electric forklift with industry standard capacity can average $25,000 to $50,000 dollars and up with an increase for support equipment or battery chargers. An gas combustion forklift with normal capacity will cost approximately the same. That’s why many companies consider used forklifts for sale. Our forklift companies in Cerritos CA can help you with the following forklift products and services:

* Used 3000 lb forklift for sale
* Used Toyota forklift for sale
* Used Toyota forklift for sale near me 90703
* 8000 lb forklift for sale
* New forklift for sale Cerritos CA
* Rough terrain forklift for sale
* 20000 lb forklift for sale
* Pneumatic forklift for sale

Searching for a Forklift in Cerritos CA? – Is your business located in Cerritos CA? Do you need a forklift or require forklift services? Welcome to We can help save you money and time if you require a used forklift, a new forklift, forklift rentals, or a forklift lease in Cerritos CA. Simply take a minute to answer a few questions on our quick forklift price form so we can provide you with multiple quotes from local forklift dealers in Cerritos CA. can provide you with competitive pricing for these forklift services in Cerritos CA:

  • Used forklift for sale in 90703
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  • Hyster forklift for sale in Cerritos CA
  • Crown lift trucks for sale in Cerritos CA
  • Forklift rental in Cerritos CA
  • Yale forklift for sale in Cerritos CA
  • Clark forklift for sale in Cerritos CA
  • Are you looking to buy, rent, or lease a forklift? Are you searching for used forklifts for sale? We have local forklift dealers in Cerritos CA who can meet your demands and provide you with new and used sales, rentals, and lease pricing for these types of forklifts:

  • Nissan forklifts
  • Linde forklifts
  • Mitsubishi forklifts
  • CAT forklifts
  • Hyster forklifts
  • Clark forklifts
  • Crown forklifts
  • Yale forklifts
  • Toyota forklifts
  • Jungheinrich forklifts
  • Doosan forklifts
  • Kamatsu forklifts
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